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Table of Contents

European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture (ESCORENA)  

Proceedings of the 8th international Conference on the FAO ESCORENA Network on Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture (Formerly Animal Waste Management). Rennes, France, 26-29 May 1998


Actes de Ia 8ème Conférence du Réseau FAO

ESCORENA sur le Recyclage des Déchets Agricoles,

Municipaux et Industriels en Agriculture.

Rennes, France, 26~29 mai 1998.
Edited by: José Martinez and Marie-Noëlle Maudet

Proceedings of the Oral Presentations    
ISBN 2-85362-516-8    


Table of Contents


Part 1. Management Strategies for Organic Waste Use in Agriculture

Management strategies related to legislative, economic, agronomic and environmental impact of organic wastes
J. M. Mérilot (France).

Developing a decision support system for manure management
M. J. Goss, J.R. Ogilvie, D.P. Stonehouse, (Canada).

SWAMP. Optimising the use of slurry
J. J. Lenehan (Ireland), T. Cumby (U.K), J. Huijsmans (The Netherlands),

F. Lorenz (Germany), G. Provolo (Italy), J. Perros (Greece), M. McGechan (U.K.).

Mineral bookkeeping, new manure legislation in the Netherlands
P. J. L Derikx (The Netherlands).

The implications of Irish legislation and regulations for the land spreading of manures from intensive agricultural enterprises
O. T. Carton, W. L Magette (Ireland).

A management model for pathogen abatement in animal slurry in view of its agronomic use
G. Provolo, P. Morandi F. Sangiorgi (Italy).

Part 2. Agronomic Value of Organic Wastes

Assessment of nutrient availability from organic wastes use in agriculture. A review
J. C. Fardeau (France).

Field studies of farm manure organic nitrogen mineralisation

J. R. Williams, B. J. Chambers, A. Bhogal, D. R. Chadwick, B. F. Pain (U.K.).

Short term carbon and nitrogen transformations following pig and cattle slurry incorporation in soils
T. Morvan, P. Leterme (France).

Nitrogen efficiency of solid animal manures
F. Lorenz, C. Kalzendorf, G. Steffens (Germany).

The effect of organic fertilization on the crop yields and soil properties
J. Klir, P. Ruzek (Czech Republic), I.A. Arkhipchenko (Russia)

Composting of swine slurry : firsts results
P. Balsari, G. Airoldi (Italy).

Emission of ammonia, nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide during composting of deep litter
S. G. Sommer, P. Dahl, H. B. Rom, H.B. Moller (Denmark)

Composting of organic wastes as a strategy for producing high quality organic fertilizers
M. P. Bemal, J. Cegarra, A. Roig, M. A. Sanchez-Monedero, C. Paredes (Spain).

Characterization of green wastes’ transformations occuring while composting
A. de Guardia, D. Rogeau, F. Begnaud, S. Quinio (France)

Development and solid manure technologies
G. Meszaros (Hungary)

Landspreading of industrial wastes
R. D. Davis, (U.K.)

Part 3. Measurement, Modelling and Control of Gaseous Emissions

Gaseous pollutants from organic waste use in agriculture
B. Pain (U.K.).

Influence of slurry pretreatments and application techniques on ammonia emissions after landspreading of slurry on grassland
P. Reitz, H. D. Kutzbach (Germany)

Gaseous emissions from dairy cattle collecting yards
T. H. Misselbrook, B. F. Pain, D. R. Chadwick D. H. Headon (U.K.).

Emissions of NH3, N2O and CH4 from a tying stall for milking cows, during storage of farmyard manure and after spreathng
B. Amon, Th. Amon, J. Boxberger, A. Pollinger (Austria)

Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from UK agricultural livestock
D. R. Chadwick, R. W. Sneath, V. R. Phillips, B. F. Pain (U.K.).

Simulation of the behaviour of sewage sludges in a soil : variations with sludge treatment
S. Houot, G. Delaitre, S. Bourgeois (France)

Proposal of an integrated approach to characterize the nitrogen value of organic products spread in agriculture
B. Nicolardot, J. M. Machet, V. Parnaudeau, F. Marcovecchio (France).

A model approach for ammonia volatilisation after surface application and subsequent incorporation of manure on arable land
J. F. M. Huijsmans, R. M. de Mol (The Netherlands).

Using a mechanistic model for evaluating ammonia emissions abatement techniques after organic fertilization
S. Génermont, P. Cellier (France).

Part 4. Processing and Handling of Wastes

Processing strategies for organic wastes
C. H. Burton (U.K.).

The effect of continuous and intermittent aerobic treatment of pig slurry on nitrous oxide emissions
F. Béline, J. Martinez (France).

Anaerobic processing of slaughterhouse wastewater in a SBR
D. I. Massé, L. Masse, N. Bourgeois (Canada).

Comprehensive pig manure treatment using the B1OSOR TM biofiltration process
G. Buelna, R. Dubé, M. C. Michel, N. Turgeon, Y. Bernard, P. Lessard (Canada).

Biogas production in agriculture: safety guidelines, cofermentation and emissions from combined heat and power couplings
T. Amon, J. Boxberger, J. Lindworsky, M. Scheibler (Austria).

Using the thermophilic aerobic process to decompose industrial food wastes
J. Matsuda, T. Maeda, Y. Abe, S. Nakamura, K. Ohmiya (Japan).

Ammonia removal from swine wastewater using immobilized nitrifiers
M. B. Vanotti, P. G. Hunt (U.S.A.).

Microbial fertilizers from pig farm wastes
I. Arkhipchenko (Russia).

Application of zeolite (clinoptilolite) in the process of stabilization of the solid fraction of pig slurry
M. Vargová, O. Ondrasovicová, M. Ondrasovic, L. Para, J. Venglovsky, N. Sasakova (Slovak Republic).

Physical characterisation of animal manure
F. Thirion, F. Chabot, D. Andeler (France).

Part 5. Environmental Impacts

Heavy metal loadings from animal manures to agricultural land in england and wales
B. J. Chambers, F. A. Nicholson, D. R. Soloman, R. J. Unwin (U.K.).

Copper soil retention capacity after intensive and repeated pig slurry applications
L. L’Herroux, S. M. Le Roux, J. Martinez (France).

Heavy metal content of manures in Switzerland
H. Menzi, J. Kessler (Switzerland).

Effects of solid phase from pig slurry on soil and wheat micronutrient’s content
F. Cabral, El Vasconcelos, C. M d S Cordovil (Portugal).

Hygienic quality of source separated urine based on the analysis of faecal indicator bacteria
C. Hoglund, T.A. Stenstrom, A. Sundin, H. Jonsson, B. Vinneras (Sweden).

Inactivation of viral and bacterial pathogens in large scale slurry treatment plants
W. Martens, A. Fink, W. Philipp, A. Weber, D. Winter, R. Bohm (Germany).

Handling of manure in deep-litter pig houses
E. Klemola, S. Malkki (Finland).

Network Coordinators:
Tom Misselbrook
David Fangueiro


Ramiran 06 May 07 - 29, 2019
VI International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management - VI SIGERA will be held in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, The thematic of the Symposium will be Biotechnologie Applied to the Treatment and Reuse of Wastes.

Ramiran 06 September 8 - 12, 2019
The XIXth ISAH Congress,
will be held from 8th to 12th September 2019, Wroclaw, Poland.