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Table of Contents

European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture (ESCORENA)


Proceedings of the 8th International Conference
on the FAO ESCORENA Network
on Recycling of Agricultural,
Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture
(Formerly Animal Waste Management).
Rennes, France, 26-29 May 1998


Actes de la 8ème Conférence du Réseau FAQ
ESCORENA sur le Recyclage des Déchets Agricoles,
Municipaux et Industriels en Agriculture.
Rennes, France, 26-29 mai 1998. Edited by: José Martinez and Marie-Noêlle Maudet  

Proceedings of the Posters Presentations 

ISBN 2-85362-531-1  


Table of Contents


Part 1. Management strategies for organic waste use in agriculture.

Poultry housing and manure management systems: recent developments in Italy as regards ammonia emissions
F. da Borso, R. Chiumenti (Italy)

Logistical considerations for spent mushroom compost utilisation
W. Magette, S. Smyth and V. Dodd (Ireland).

Environmental impacts of outdoor pig production
H. Menzi, W. Stauffer, U. Zihlmann, P. Weisskopf (Switzerland).

Case studies of waste minimisation on farms
R. J. Nicholson, D. J. Baldwin, J.P. Metcaffe, K. A. Phillips, P. Brumpton (U.K.).

A survey of toxic organics in Norwegian sewage sludge, compost and manure
B. Paulsrud, A. Wien, K T. Nedland (Norway).

Animal slurry management and lombard regulations: an example of application
G. Provolo, F. Sangiorgi (Italy).

Effect of housing system, litter versus totally slatted floor, on mass balances of water, nitrogen and phosphorus in growing-finishing pigs
P. Robin, P. A. Oliveira, D. Souloumiac, C. Kermarrec, J. Y. Dourmad (France).

A farmer-operated system for recycling food waste and municipal sludge to agriculture
O. J. Skjelhaugen (Norway).

A management perspective on improved precision manure and slurry application
K. A. Smith and D. J. Baldwin (UK).

Management of pig slurry for nitrogen fertilization of corn
Y. Fauvel and T. Morvan (France).

Part 2. Agronomic value of organic wastes.

Valorisation of organic wastes in agriculture. Compostage supply for the use of organic matters as background nitrogen fertilizer
F. Bouanani, M. Domeizel, A. Prone (France).

Agronomic value of alkaline stabilised sewage sludge solids
P. Christie, D.L Easson, J. R. Picton, S. C. P. Love (UK);

Survival of manure-derived pathogens in soil
D. Cools, G. Van der Velde, R. Merckx, J. Verhaegen, K Vlassak (Belgium)

Environmental impact of NPK-fertiliser versus anaerobic digestion residue or compost - A system analysis
M. I. Dalemo, A.E. Bjorklund, U.G. Sonesson (Sweden).

Yield effect and utilization of nitrogen from solid manure
U. Waither and U. Herter (Switzerland).

The utilization of differently treated sewage sludges in agnculture
P. Ruzek, J. Hrazdira and H. Kusa (Czech Republic).

Nitrogen regime of two bulgarian soils after 30 years of mineral and organic-mineral fertilisation (15N study)
V. Koutev and E. Ikonomova (Bulgaria).

Predicting the fertilizer nitrogen value of farm manure applications to agricultural land
F. A. Nicholson, B. J. Chambers, E. I. Lord and K. A. Smith (U.K).

Bacteriologial and chemical (nitrogen, phosphorus) characterization of liquid wastes discharged by four dairy farms. (Vendée, France)
S. Reyne, C. Cheverry, J. Marrec (France).

Long term effects of excessive organic waste application
A. Siegenthaler, H. Häni and W. Stauffer (Switzerland)

Part 3. Measurement, modelling and control of gaseous emissions

Emissions of NH3, N2O and CH4 from composted and anaerobically stored farmyard manure
B. Amon, Th. Amon, J. Boxberger, A. Pollinger (Austria)

Ammonia emission from naturally ventilated building for dairy cows
J. B. Dollé (France).

Comparison, of ammonia losses under various conditions after organic fertilization
S. Génermont, D. Flura, P. Cellier (France).

Stable isotopes to investigate decay processes in farm wastes
P. J. Hobbs, R. Johnson and D. Chadwick (UK).

Emission rates of odorous compounds from pig slurries
P.J. Hobbs, T. H. Misselbrook and B. F. Pain (UK).

Source separation of human urine - nitrogen and phosphorus emissions
H. Jonsson, B. Vinneras, A. Burstrom, C. Hoglund, T.A. Stenstrom (Swedish).

Estimating ammonia losses during the composting of farmyard manure, using closed dynamic chambers
T. Morvan, J. Dach, P. Cellier (France).

Nitrogen depostion on forests and open land in regions with different livestock densities
G. Steffens, K. Mohr, F. Lorenz (Germany).

Odour and ammonia emission control by slurry treatment and covering
G. Hornig, W. Berg., U. Wanka (Germany).

Human urine and effluents from digestion of food refuse as a fertiliser to barley-crop yields, ammonia emission and nitrate leakage
H. Elmsquist, L. Rodhe, M. Blomberg, S. Steineck, B. Lindén

Part 4. Processing and handling of wastes

Aeration of cattle slurry at lbw or high temperature in finish climate
H. Heinonen-Tanski. (Finland)

Treatment of animal wastewater in constructed wetlands
P. G. Hunt, A. A. Szogi, F. J. Humenik and J. M. Rice (USA)

The new ABS composting process: application to the pilot unit of stan at Castelnaudary (France)
O. Leclerc, J. L. Martel, I. Vandeuvre (France).

Liquid pig manure treatment in a farm plant: fate of polluting elements before and during storage in a shallow lagoon
L. Senez, J. C. Coquille, Y. Couton, C. Devroe, J. C. Germon, J. P. Lemiére (France).

Mineralflow : A model to determine cost efficient strategies to improve pig slurry application under de Dutch MINeral Accouting System
C. P. A. van Wagenberg, G. B. C. Backus (The Netherlands).

Effects of an enzymatic additive on ammonia concentration on a broiler farm
G. Bonazzi, C. Fabbri, L. Vali (Italy).

Comparison of the survival of Salmonella Typhimurium in the solid fraction from agricultural wastewater treatment plant in summer and winter seasons.
J. Venglovsky, I. Placha, N. Sasakova, Para, L. (Slovak Republic).

Adsorption properties of zeolite (clinoptilolite) and bentonite applied to pig slurry
J. Venglovsky, N. Sasakova, Z. Pacajova, I. Placha (Slovak Republic).

Hygienic requirements in aerobic and anaerobic treatment of biological wastes
R. Bohm (Germany).

Solid manure in Europe. Results of a survey by the working group on solid manure of RAMIRAN
H. Menzi, B. Pain, K Smith

Report of an enquiry of network members into the status of metals in animal manures
R.J. Unwin


Network Coordinators:
Tom Misselbrook
David Fangueiro


Ramiran 06 May 07 - 29, 2019
VI International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management - VI SIGERA will be held in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, The thematic of the Symposium will be Biotechnologie Applied to the Treatment and Reuse of Wastes.

Ramiran 06 September 8 - 12, 2019
The XIXth ISAH Congress,
will be held from 8th to 12th September 2019, Wroclaw, Poland.