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    Network on Recycling of Agricultural Municipal 

          and Industrial Residues in Agriculture

15th International conference

Versailles, 2013

Scientific program

Treatment processes for energy production
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  • Oral Presentations

S7.01. Energetic assessment of extrusion as pre-treatment to improve the anaerobic digestion of agricultural ligno-cellulosic biomasses
S7.02. Brassicaceae sp. catch crops as co-substrate for agricultural biogas production
S7.03. Sulfide removal from biogas mediated by photosynthetic anaerobic bacteria consortium
S7.04. Optimization of anaerobic treatment of organic residues: The Role of trace elements in volatile fatty acids degradation and methane yield optimization
S7.05. The value of agro-industrial by-products for biogas production: BMP (Biochemical Methane Potential) test
S7.06. Effects of fungal pre-treatments on wheat straw, a co-substrate for anaerobic digestion of manure

  • Posters

S7.07. Biogas production in a small family farm concept and in a large pig unit in Brasil and optimisation potentials
S7.08. Potential energy recovery and environmental pollution from the storage of the liquid fraction of co-digested pig slurry
S7.09. Potential and applicability of  non-land consuming  substrates for fermentation in biogas plants in Germany
S7.10. Anaerobic digestion of agroalimentary industry wastes at laboratory scale
S7.11. Collecting the solid fraction from cattle slurries for biogas production
S7.12. Effect of glycerol concentration and pH level on biological hydrogen and methane production
S7.13. Development of a microalgae process to recycle nutrients (N and P) from digestate: effect of the influent color
S7.14. Evaluation of the production of second generation biofuels via use of agricultural waste generated in sugar production in Brazil
S7.15. Anaerobic co-digestion of cheese whey and liquid dairy manure in a CSTR digester
S7.16. Anaerobic co-digestion of cheese whey and liquid dairy manure:  batch tests
S7.17.Agricultural and industrial wastes co-digestion: batch versus semi-continuous anaerobic digestion yield and mass balance
S7.18.Energy generation from mechanically separated pig slurry – Incineration and biogas
S7.19.Biological production of methane and hydrogen from pig slurry and scotta