Ramiran 2008, 13th International Conference of the FAO ESCORENA Network on Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture


Manure management: research knowledge into best practice
K.A. Smith, P.M.R. Dampney, J.R. Williams and B.J.Chambers
Worldwide growth of animal production and environmental consequences
P.J. Gerber and H. Steinfeld
Survey on available methods and techniques for the inactivation of pathogens in animal manure
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Böhm
Management of Bulgarian soil resources fertility
Vesselin Koutev and Nikola Kolev
Balance of organic wastes in bulgarian animal husbandry
Vesselin Koutev and Dimitar Slavov

Course of nitrogen mineralisation after application of organic fertilisers at different times of the year
Sofi a Delin and Lena Engström
Effects of repeated dairy slurry applications on forage crops in a nitrate vulnerable zone of Northern Italy
Mantovi Paolo, Ligabue Marco and Tabaglio Vincenzo
Agronomic Effectiveness of Phosphorus Materials Recovered from Manure
Ariel A. Szogi, Philip J. Bauer, and Matias B. Vanotti
Impacts of heterogeneous manure spreading on nitrate lixiviation
Francois Thirio and Frederic Chabot.
Agroecological effi ciency of composts and humic fertilizers
Merzlaya H.E., Shapoval O.A., Belichenko M.V.
Nitrifi cation of pig slurry added to high heavy metal-content soils
Carlos de la Fuente, Sylvie Picard, José Martínez and María Pilar Bernal.
Economic costs and benefi ts of adoption of the trailing shoe slurry application method on grassland farms in Ireland
Stan Lalor
Providing technical assistance for sustainable livestock waste management in South East Asia
Gerber P., Menzi H., Burton C. H., Carsjens G.J., Choi H. L.,Chalermpao N.,Thorne P.J., Wagner H.G., Steinfeld H.
Development of a calculator tool for estimating manure N and P outputs from farm livestock: ENCA“SH”
M. M. Gibbons, B. R. Cottrill and K. A. Smith
A software tool for determining the agricultural landbank for recycling organic materials (ALOWANCE)
F. A. Nicholson, S. Humphries, S. Anthony, C. Procter, D. Chadwick, S. R.. Smith, P. Gibbs and B. J. Chambers
Microbiological aspects of methane production during pig manure storage
Dabert Patrick, Védrenne Fabien, Brard Camille and Béline Fabrice
Pilot scale experience of anaerobic co-digestion of pig slurry with fruit wastes – on site operation in a pig farm with a mobile plant
Ferreira, L.M., Duarte, E. A, Figueiredo
Impact of substrate to inoculum ratio in anaerobic digestion of swine slurry
Cristina González-Fernández and Pedro A. García-Encina.
Anaerobic co-digestion of animal wastes (poultry litter and pig manure) with vegetable processing wastes
Beatriz Molinuevo, Mª Cruz Garcia, Mª Cristina León, Milagros Acítores
Optimising simple biogas digesters for use in cold regions of developing countries
Sommer S.G. and Norddahl B.
Software sensor monitoring and expert control of biogas production
Alastair Ward, Phillip Hobbs,Peter Holliman, Sreenivas Rao Ravella, Guillermo Pardo, Jonathan Williams and Andrew Retter
An integrated anaerobic digestion system for solid organic waste
F. Sole-Mauri and A. Pintó
Manure management system distribution in Austria and consequences on the ammonia emission inventory
Barbara Amon, Stefan Hörtenhuber, Martina Fröhlich, Thomas Amon
Ammonia losses from the land application of raw pig slurry and solid and liquid fractions generated from its mechanical separation
Paolo Balsari, Elio Dinuccio, Fabrizio Gioelli, Eliana Santoro
Long-term performance of biofi lters for odour control on pig farms
Buelna G., Turgeon N. and Dubé R.
Soil injection of animal slurry to growing cereals – effects on odour emission, draught requirement and yield
T. Nyord, M.N. Hansen
Ammonia emissions during post treatment of anaerobic fermented biomass
Ina Körner and Ulf Jensen
Agrammon: A new internet based model for the differentiated estimation of ammonia emissions from individual farms or at the area-wide scale
H. Menzi, C. Bonjour, F. Zaucker, C. Leuenberger and B. Reidy
Effect of feed-, nitrogen-, fi bres- and water-intakes on emissions of NH3, N2O, CH4, CO2 and water vapour of grouped gestating sows kept on straw-based deep litter
François-Xavier Philippe, Bernard Canart, Martine Laitat, Marc Vandenheede, Jean-François Cabaraux, José Wavreille, Nicole Bartiaux-Thill, Baudouin Nicks
The effect of solid manure incorporation on nitrous oxide emissions
Thorman, R.E., Webb, J., Yamulki, S., Chadwick, D.R., Bennett, G., McMillan, S. Kingston, H., Donovan, N. and Misselbrook
Ammonia treatment of hatchery waste for elimination of avian fl u and model viruses: treatment recommendations
E. Emmoth, B. Vinnerås, J. Ottoson, A. Albihn and S. Belák
The survival of Faecal Indicator Organisms (FIOs) in soil, following dairy slurry application to land by surface broadcasting and shallow injection
C. J. Hodgson, N. Bulmer, D. R. Chadwick
Search for genetic markers to trace swine-manure contamination of the environment
Romain Marti, PatrickDabert and Anne-Marie Pourcher.
Validation of manure sanitation methods performed at laboratory scale
Josefi ne Elving, Jakob R Ottoson, Björn Vinnerås, Ann Albihn
Impact of temperature-time combinations on enteric bacteria in separated solids from pig manure
Anne-Marie Pourcher, Colin Burton, Christine Ziebal and Amaury De-Guardia.
Influence of aeration rate on transformations of separated pig manure and gaseous emissions during composting
A. De Guardia, AM Pourcher, PA Neveu, D. Bassard, JM Barré, C. Burton
Alternative utilization of the solid fi ber fraction from separated animal slurry - composting as one opportunity
Karin Jørgensen, Jesper Luxhøi and Lars Stoumann Jensen
Dissipation of pesticides during composting and anaerobic digestion of source-separated organic waste in full-scale plants
Thomas Kupper, Thomas D. Bucheli, Rahel C. Brändli, Didier Ortelli, Patrick Edder
Estimation of nitrogen loss from pilot and large scale composting by ammonia measurement and N/P ratio changes Composting
Youn Lee, Hong-Bae Yun, Yong-Bok Lee
The potential use of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from biostabilised waste
Iain MacLeod, Ole Pahl, Jim Baird
Nitrogen transfers and losses in integrated agricultural systems in central Mexico
Joel Velasco-Velasco, Rob Parkinson and Victor Kuri.
New Fertilizers from Advanced Wastewater Treatment: Their potential Values and Risks
Martina Winker, Björn Vinnerås, Ute Arnold, Andreas Muskolus and Joachim Clemens
Feasibility of Phosphorus Chemical Recycling from Piggery Wastewater. A combined Experimental and Modeling approach
M-L Daumer
Improvements in animal productivity and health with a total aerobic manure management system
Matias Vanotti, Ariel Szogi, John Loughrin and Patricia Millner
Development of a New Generation Low Cost Treatment of Ammonia for Livestock Effl uents Using Anammox and Nitritation
Airton Kunz, Ricardo Steinmetz, Matias Vanotti, Ariel Szogi and Hugo Moreira Soares

The effect of contrasting cattle and pig farmyard manure (FYM) management practices on crop nitrogen utilisation
J.R. Williams, E. Sagoo, B.J. Chambers and D.R. Chadwick
Organic mulching in hot climates
Dr Mark Causon N.D, Pharm tech, F. I. Diag. E, Michael Mallia D. env sc
Effects of the use of novel organic-mineral nitrogen fertilizers on maize crop
Pires S O, Kiladze K, Cordovil C M d S.
Use of digested and co-digested pig slurry in maize crop grown in a sandy loam soil
Pires S O, Cordovil C M d S, Ferreira L.
Nitrogen effect of poultry manure
Sofi a Delin
Use of drip lines for the application of the liquid fraction of digested pig slurry on maize
Fabbri Claudio, Mantovi Paolo and Bonazzi Giuseppe
Managing slurry applications to minimise nitrogen and phosphorus losses in drainage aters from clay soils
Sagoo E., Williams J.R., Chambers B.J., Cross R., Short J., Portwood A. and Hodgkinson, R.A
Comparative investigation of a microbial biodiversity in agroecosystem on grey forest soil at application of manure and mineral fertilizers
Seliverstova O., Verkhovtseva N., Kirushin E., Korchagin A.,Osipov, G.
Crop Response to Phosphate stemming from Mineral Fertiliser and Organic Waste
Albrecht Siegenthaler, Werner Stauffer and Heinz Häni
A computer-based Expert system to support the selection and implementation of systems for sustainable livestock waste management in South-East Asia
C. H. Burton, H. Menzi, P.J. Thorne and P. Gerber
Clean production agreement for dairy farmers in the South of Chile: a collaborative initiative of the government and farmers to improve environmental management
F. Salazar, M. Alfaro and J. Dumont
 Development of a software tool to calculate pollutant emissions, resource consumption and the effects of best available techniques on Spanish farms
Carlos Piñeiro, Gema Montalvo, Mª Aranzazú García, Mariano Herrero, Rafael Giráldez, Manuel Bigeriego
A simple software tool to assist in making better use of manure nitrogen: MANNER v.5 (2008)
F.A. Nicholson, M. Gibbons, A. Bhogal, E. Lord, R. E. Thorman, J. R. Williams, K. A. Smith, T. Misselbrook, D. Chadwick and B. J. Chambers
The role of biogas production in sustainable biofuels based biorefi nery concepts
A. Bauer, C. Leonhartsberger, D. Lyson, K. Hopfner-Sixt, V. Bodiroza, V. Simic, B. Amon, T. Amon
Sustainable crop rotations and their potential for biogas production
C. Leonhartsberger, A. Bauer, A. Machmüller, V. Kryvoruchko, V. Bodiroza, D. Milovanovic, R. Hrbek, B. Amon, T. Amon
Two approaches on the utilization of fruit wastes as Co-substrate for pig manure anaerobic Co-digestion – the effect of the COD:N:P balance
Ferreira. L. M., Duarte, E. A., Figueiredo. D.
Bioethanol produced from maize
Endre Harsányi, Tamás Rátonyi, Csongor Kiss, Csaba Juhasz
Optimisation of biogas production from a microbial perspective
Phil Hobbs
Innovative technology for biogas production from pig slurry
Lili Mézes, Tibor Bíró, Csaba Juhász, Gergely Hunyadi.
Monitoring of a co-digestion plant in dairy cattle farm in Northern Italy
S. Piccinini, M. Soldano,C. Fabbri, P.Mantovi
Biogas yields from the co-digestion of agro-industrial residues in continuous cycle pilot reactors
M. Soldano, S. Piccinini, L. Rossi, N. Labartino, P. Mantovi
Optimising biogas fermentation using the Taguchi methodology
Sreenivas Rao Ravella, Phil Hobbs, Jon Williams and Andy Retter
Technological options, potentials and costs for mitigation of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in Austria (reclip:tom)
Barbara Amon, Marion Ramusch, Wilfried Winiwarter
Effect of crude protein intake by dairy cattle on NH3 concentrations from a dairy stall
Arriaga H, Salcedo G, Martinez-Suller L, Merino P.
Comparison of ammonia emission from composted swine farmyard manure and sewage sludge
Jacek Dach, Jacek Czekała, Andrzej Mocek
Use of zeolite in broiler bedding material to absorb ammonia
Mª Cruz Garcia, Paz Pérez, Beatriz Molinuevo, Mª Cristina León
The effect of application technique and climate conditions on ammonia emissions from cattle slurry
Conor Dowling, Tom Curran and Gary Lanigan
External drying tunnel for droppings of laying hens: ammonia, GHG and odour emissions
Moscatelli Giuseppe, Fabbri Claudio, Valli Laura, and Mantovi Paolo
Possibilities of Gaseous Emissions Neural Modelling Based on Bioreactor Usage
Paweł Niżewski, Piotr Boniecki.
Gregova, G., Sasáková, N., Papajová, I., Tofant, A., Ondrašovičová, O., Ondrašovič, M., Vargová, M., Poljak, V. Venglovský, J.
Behaviour of prion-proteins in anaerobic and aerobic treatment of animal by-products
Prof. Dr. R. Bohm, Dr. B. Hunsinger, C. Mardare and C. Nagler
Quality of drinking water in industrially contaminated area in relation to potential risk to humans and animals
Vargova, M., Ondrašovičová, O., Ondrašovič, M., Sasáková, N., Venglovský, J., Papajová, I., Halán, M., Laktičová, K.
 Microbial community dynamics during composting od sewage sludge with different additions in bioreactor
Agnieszka Wolna-Maruwka, Jacek Dach
Pathogen Reduction in Small-Scale Biogas Plants in a Tropical Region - Bench-Scale Experiments
Vo Thi Yen-Phi, Joachim Clemens, Andrea Rechenburg, Björn Vinneras and Thomas Kistemann
Dust rejects from lime production – are they suitable for the sanitation of organic wastes from animal production and dogs’ excrements?
Papajová, I., Juriš, P., Šefčíková, H., Sasáková, N., Venglovský, J.
Management of distillery stillage by composting process
Agnieszka Piotrowska-Cyplik, Jacek Dach, Katarzyna Czaczyk, Paweł Cyplik Zbigniew Czarnecki
Co-composting of winery-distillery wastes with orange juice waste
Bustamante M.A., Paredes C., Perez-Murcia M.D., Perez-Espinosa A., Moreno-Caselles J., Marhuenda-Egea F.C., Moral R.
Composting the solid fraction of cattle slurry with straw (Lolium multifl orum L) and gorse (Ulex Europaes)
L. M. Brito , A. L. Amaro , I. Mourão & J. Coutinho
Dynamic of microbial population during composting of organic wastes
Donkova R, M. Stoichkova, D. Slavov
The effect of C/N ratio and fraction distribution on air demand of compost prisms during slaughtered waste composting
Gergely Hunyadi, Tibor Bíró, János Tamás, Lili Mézes
Solid 13c-nmr as fundamental tool in the characterization of organic matter during the composting
Martínez-Sabater, E., Moral, R., Bustamante, M.A., Marhuenda-Egea, F.C., Paredes, C., Lorenzo, E., Jordá, J.
TERRASOL compost from sheep manure
István Monori, Lajos Blaskó, György Zsigrai and Borbála Biró
Impact of home made composts application
Stoichkova Milena, Slavov Dimitar
Cattle slurry treatment by mechanical and chemical separation: effect on N2O emissions, mineral N dynamics and grass yields after application to grassland
D. Fangueiro and D. Chadwick
Denitrifi cation Enzyme Activity in Swine Wastewater Lagoons
Patrick G. Hunt, Terry A. Matheny, Kyoung S. Ro, Matias B. Vanotti, and Gudigopuram B. Reddy
Technology of organic and organic-mineral fertilizers production from poultry manure
Vesselin Koutev, Dimitar Slavov, Pesho Bozadjiev
Research on the persistence of tetracyclines contained in pig slurry
Mantovi Paolo, Bonazzi Giuseppe, Migliore Luciana and Brambilla Gianfranco
Dairy cow manure separation a pre-treatment to reduce manure application pollution risks: a whole-farm perspective
Martínez-Suller, L., Salcedo, G., Mons, C., Tejero, I.
Use of Net Carbohydrate and Protein System model to estimate phosphorus fecal excretion
Salcedo, G., Martínez-Suller, L., Tejero, I., Arriaga, H., MerinoP., Mons, C., Fuentes, A.
Effect of quick lime, lime dust from separators and phosphoric acid on stabilisation of sewage sludge
Sasáková, N., Venglovský, J., Ondrašovičová, O., Ondrašovič, M., Papajová, I., Vargová, M., Hromada, R., Halán, M., Laktičová, K., Kudriková, D.
Biological and physico-chemical treatment possibilities for landfi ll leachate in Zagreb, Croatia
Alenka Tofant, Jasna Hrenović, Anamarija Farkaš, Jan Venglovský
Amelioration of saline-sodic and high calcareous soils through Cotton Acid Delinting Process Residues
Vavoulidou E. , V. Kavvadias, Ch. Paschalidis and A. Dimirkou
Treatment of sewage sludge with lime and zeolite in relation to its application to agricultural soil
Venglovsky, J., Sasáková, N., Papajová, I., Tofant, A., Ondrašovičová, O., Ondrašovič, M., Vargová, M., Hromada, R., Gregová, G., Poljak, V.
 Possible changes in soil cadmium content in relation to the use of fertilisers and organic residues in Lithuania
A. Antanaitis, J.Lubytė, S. Lazauskas, G. Staugaitis, Š. Antanaitis
Response of soil microorganisms to organic and inorganic amendments in heavy metal polluted soils
Donkova R, V.Koutev, N.Dinev
Monitoring heavy metal concentrations in leachates of an acid forest soil during repeated applications of sewage sludge
G. Egiarte, M. Pinto, E. Ruíz-Romera, M. Camps Arbestain
Agricultural practices for soil carbon sequestration
Ekaterina Filcheva and Konstantin Chakalov
Systematic incorporation of post-harvest residues – an inexpensive agronomy practice of increasing yield and quality of production
Gencho Milev
Content of labile forms and plant residues in cultivated soils
Ivan Pachev
Compared study of plant residues and organic fertilizer on yield of ryegrass
Zdravka Petkova, Evgenia Tosheva, Ivailo Valchovski
Composting of substrates under controlled conditions
Diliana Vladeva, Zdravka Petkova, Dimitar Slavov
Management models for a sustainable use of manure in intensive livestock areas
Provolo Giorgio, Riva Elisabetta
Relationship between cattle stocking density and NH3 emissions from cattle housing
Camp V., Gilhespy S.L., Misselbrook T.H. and Chadwick D.R.