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    Network on Recycling of Agricultural Municipal

and Industrial Residues in Agriculturee

15th International conference

Versailles, 2013

RAMIRAN - The leading network on Recycling organic residues in agriculture

The "Recycling Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network (RAMIRAN)" is a research and expertise network dealing with environmental issues relating to the use of manure and other organic residues in agriculture. It is organized within the framework of the FAO ESCORENA: European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture (http://www.escorena.net/), a European initiative to enhance sustainable agricultural development and food security by improving the use of information, communication, and associated technologies.

RAMIRAN evolved in 1996 from the much smaller Animal Waste Network, that had been active since 1978, and the scope was expanded to include other organic residues (industrial and municipal) which are used on land as organic manures and soil amendments. It is in principal a European network, but also open to interested experts from other parts of the world. It has no official members, but about 400 people from over 30 countries are registered in its participation list.
The network provides an invaluable means of exchanging ideas, information and experiences on topics that are becoming increasingly important at a national and international level. The main objectives of the network are to:
•    Promote the exchange of methodologies, materials and processes;
•    Progress knowledge on the environmental assessment of organic residues recycling in agriculture;
•    Identify research priorities and initiate innovative collaborative activities that make use of the synergies resulting from the international network

The main activity of RAMIRAN is a scientific conference organized every two years, usually attended by about 100-200 participants. In the past, RAMIRAN also hosted a number of working groups dealing with more specific topics such as sanitary aspects, gaseous emissions or heavy metals in agriculture. In 2003 and 2011 a special working group first produced a "Glossary of Terms on Livestock Manure Management" which proved very valuable in harmonizing the use of terms relevant to organic residues and their environmental relevance. Today the focus is on task groups, short-term teams with a clear task that can be achieved in a defined time of ideally 1-2 years and maximum four years. These tasks make use of the potential of RAMIRAN arising from its membership of experts. This means that, for example, surveys about management techniques, environmental, economic or social issues in connection with manure and other organic residues or interdisciplinary studies are ideal topics for such special tasks.

With its participants, RAMIRAN holds a tremendous resource of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of topics across the whole of Europe and, increasingly, other continents. With well over 200 participants and over 250 oral and poster contributions the 15th conference in is again setting records. With the overall topic "Recycling of organic residues for agriculture: from waste management to ecosystem services" it well reflects the changing perception from waste and emissions towards benefits and resource efficiency that we went through in manure and organic residues management over the past years and decades. As Co-chairmen of the Network we thank the organizers for arranging this exciting and successful conference!

Tom Misselbrook and Harald Menzi
Network Coordinators

Date City Country Date City Country
2010 September 13-15 Lisboa PORTUGAL 1996 October 9-11 Gödöllö HUNGARY
2008 June 11-14 Albena BULGARIA 1994 May 17-20 Bad Zwischenhahn GERMANY
2006 September 11-13 Aarhus DENMARK 1992 June 22-24 Prague CSFR
2004 October 6-9 Murcia SPAIN 1990 September 25-28 Bologna ITALY
2002 May 14-18 Strbské Pleso SLOVAK REPUBLIC 1988 June 12-22 Liebefeld-Bern SWITZERLAND
2000 September 6-9 Gargnano ITALY 1986 May 13-16 Burgos SPAIN
1998 May 26-29 Rennes, Brittany FRANCE 1985 May 21-22 Gumpenstein AUSTRIA