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    Network on Recycling of Agricultural Municipal 

          and Industrial Residues in Agriculture

15th International conference

Versailles, 2013

Scientific program

Integrating organic residues  in cropping practices
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  • Oral Presentations

S4.01. Side-band injection of acidified cattle slurry as starter P-fertilization for maize seedlings
S4.02. Changes for 11 years of plant-available phosphorus in a French loamy soil amended either with biological or biological and limed sewage sludge
S4.03. Evaluation of the characteristics of commercial organic fertilizers for use in intensive vegetable organic cropping systems
S4.04. Biofertiliser: Crop available nitrogen supply to winter cereals
S4.05. Long term effect of livestock organic products on nitrogen mineralization and C and N storage in soils

  • Posters

S4.06. Management of vegetable crop residues for reducing nitrate leaching losses in intensive vegetable rotations
S4.07. Réseau PRO »: Establishing a method for the referencing of organic residues recycled in agriculture in a database
S4.08. Influence of the type of pruning chopper and its velocity in the fuel consumption and the quality of the chopped pruning residues in olive orchards
S4.09. Influence of dairy slurry dry matter contents and electrical conductivity on two legume species germination
S4.10. SOERE PRO: Long term field experiment network for research on the recycling of organic matters issued of wastes in agriculture
S4.11. Evaluation of organic fertilization with composts in the production of grafted tomatoes with different pruning systems
S4.12. Exogenous organic matter from agricultural and urban origins in temperate and tropical areas: usefulness of TAO to model the transformations in soil
S4.13. Crop production of lettuce irrigated on seedling stage with effluent from anaerobic digestion of dairy cattle manure