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    Network on Recycling of Agricultural Municipal 

          and Industrial Residues in Agriculture

15th International conference

Versailles, 2013

Scientific program

Livestock housing and management of manure at the farm level
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  • Oral Presentations

S3.01. Effects of measurement technique and sample preparation on NIR spectroscopy analysis of livestock effluents and digestates
S3.02. The use of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to better assess livestock effluents composition. A national experience
S3.03. Livestock organic residue management in the urban and peri-urban area of Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)
S3.04. Manure production and handling techniques on industrial-scale livestock farms in the Baltic Sea Region
S3.05. Costs of ammonia emission abatement in manure management
S3.06. Phosphorus recycling as struvite from pig manure.  Influence of process parameters.
S3.07. Dynamic of inorganic and organic characteristics, biogas production and GHG emission potential as affected by separation and acidification of pig slurry
S3.08. GHG emissions associated with manure management from livestock systems in a Mediterranean country. A case study: Spain
S3.09. Influence of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) into dairy cows diet on fugitive methane emission from manure storages and on manure bioenergy potential
S3.10. Magnitude and routes of nitrogen and carbon losses from solid cattle manure subjected to various storage conditions
S3.11. Biotransformations during co-composting of dairy sludge with cattle manure on the Reunion Island

  • Posters

S3.12. Ammonia emissions during manure belt cleaning operations in a laying hen house
S3.13. Nitrogen losses and transformations within farmyard manure storage
S3.14. Measurement of ammonia volatilization from naturally ventilated mink houses – effect of frequent removal of mink slurry
S3.15. Effects of long-term exposition to antimicrobial colistin sulfate (polymyxin E) over mixed cultures of nitrifiers and methanogens
S3.16. Assessment of the plausibility of regular stratified surveys on farm and manure management in Switzerland
S3.17. Overview of the organic spreaders stock in France: state of the art and performance assessment
S3.18. On-Farm Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Emissions from Manure Storage in Ireland
S3.19. Seasonal and diel variations of ammonia and methane emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy barn
S3.20. Study of parameters influencing the process of phosphorus recovery in synthetic biologically treated pig effluent in pilot lab scale
S3.21. Effect of drinker type on slurry production and costs of storage system in growing-finishing swine units at Santa Catarina’s state, Brazil