The third edition of the European Biogas Workshop

The Future of Biogas in Europe - III

Co-funded by the European Commission throughout

PROBIOGAS: Promotion of Biogas for Electricity and Heat Production in EU Countries -

 Economic and Environmental Benefits of Biogas from Centralised Co-digestion,

An IEEA - ALTENER project.



14th -16th of June 2007

University of Southern Denmark

Esbjerg / Denmark

The accomplishment of the goals of the Kyoto protocol and the EU strategy for increasing the share of renewable energy, and especially of the biomass based energy, in the total energy consumption, give biogas an important role, as one of the key technologies for producing cheap green energy and vehicle fuel. At the same time, biogas from anaerobic digestion improves the nutrient management and the veterinary safety and prevents pollution from animal manure and digestible bio-wastes. Many biogas projects are abandoned at an early stage as the potential investors and promoters are often unaware of the business opportunities and socio-economic and environmental benefits associated with biogas systems.


The aim of the workshop is to provide an up-date of the existing knowledge, know how and expertise in the area of biogas from AD, to show successful examples of barriers break down and to look upon further strategies for the development of biogas systems in Europe. The results of the assessment of economic, environmental and socio economic impact of centralised co-digestion for six selected case study regions in Europe will be presented with this occasion.


The workshop addresses to biogas experts, farmers and farmers’ organisations and associations, researchers and technology developers, biogas plants suppliers and users, decision makers, legislative-, administrative- and local authorities, etc.


The event is part of the activity of the PROBIOGAS project, co–financed by the EC/IEEA, the Altener Programme. The organiser of the workshop is the University of Southern Denmark, Bioenergy Department, which is also the main co-ordinator of the PROBIOGAS project.



Workshop proceedings can be dowloaded here


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Oral presentations (PowerPoint):


Author Country
Bert van Asselt The Netherlands
Christian Coututrier France
Christos Zafiris Greece
Clare Lukehurst United Kingdom
Dorte Baggesen Denmark
Gepa Porsche Germany
Henrik Høegh Denmark
Irini Angelidaki Denmark
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen Denmark
Joan Mata-Álvarez Spain
Johannes Christensen Denmark
Kurt Hjort-Gregersen Denmark
Lars Henrik Nielsen Denmark
Margareta Persson Sweden
Fabienne Rabier & Gaëlle Warnant Belgium
Rudolf Braun Austria
Sven Sommer Denmark
Teodorita Al Seadi Denmark
Torkild Birkmose Denmark
Vicky Heslop Ireland